Welcome to BVM

The BVM CONSULTANTS was established in the year 2009 at Davangere with the sole intension of providing various consultancy services in civil engineering like preparation of Detailed Project Reports, Project Management Consultancy and 3rd Party Quality Audit.


The growth and the operation of the company are found in the basic corporate principle: “quality, effectiveness and adaptability to the needs of market and technological evolutions”.


Our Mission is to be the most successful consulting company, abiding by our principles that consist of the Knowledge, the Effectiveness, the Reliability and the Integrity. Knowledge for us means: application of most modern technology for the development of pioneering services, optimal quality and capability of flexible adaptation and development of each need of customer.

  • The Effectiveness accompanies each project that we undertake, with the realization of the objectives of our customer.
  • The Reliability and the Integrity constitute the main axes of our business culture


Why Choose US

BVM Consultants is pleased to have made a name for itself as a pioneer in the Project Management Services and Consultancy work for a wide range of clients, including Government and Private Sector of all sizes, scopes, and complexity.We are seen as a leading option for Consultancy services by clients, business associates,and Government Organizations.BVM Consultants offers a variety of services and work alternatives to help you tailor the approach required for your project and ensure that it fits your needs and culture,whether you’re an individual or an organization.

Our Strength - Sound Engineering Knowledge

Emphasis is given in our organization to update the knowledge and professional skills of our engineering team through formal training programs and information workshops. We encourage use of latest technological advancements in every field to achieve functional, economical & safe designs.

“Encouragement to add to and hone specific professional and project-oriented skills has shown marked improvement in the performance of our engineering team and the quality of our service to client.”

Our engineering team possesses quite a good field experience too. They are capable of handling difficult engineering problems and taking on the spot decisions. They are highly motivated and are committed to quality.

Team Work

“Building trust, creating a real project ‘team’ that includes all the principal players dedicated to the same goals is what makes the projects successful.”

We believe in teamwork and encourage team-based philosophy. On our every project we bring together the representatives of different organizations and form a Project Team to achieve a common set of objectives. Frequent communication, understand and appreciate each other’s problems, avoid conflicts, be realistic and rational, and “agree for the better” are the key words for building relationship amongst the team members.

The success of any project depends to a large extent upon the motivation and the commitment of the project team. Our real strength lies in our highly motivated and committed engineering team.”